Scintilla 19

Scintilla 19 Cover-cropped

Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 9
Robert Wilcher ‘Henry Vaughan’s Public and Private Elegies’ 12
Maria Apichella David Calls 28
Deuteronomy Reads 29
Bless me, 30
Matthew Barton Burial Chamber 31
Backwoods 32
Balancing Act 33
Joseph Ashmore Reimagining Scriptural Places in the Writing of Henry Vaughan 34
Ruth Bidgood Extremes 52
Making May 53
Triptych 54
Prue Chamberlayne How Beauty Travels 57
Jonathan Nauman Duplex Emulation: George Herbert’s “Christmas” & Henry Vaughan’s “Christ’s Nativity 58
William Virgil Davis His Life 67
A Sonnet for Paul Muldoon 68
Departures 69
Woman with Her Hair Tousled by the Wind in Front of an Eclipse 70
John Freeman A First Visit to Steep 71
Joseph Sterrett ‘John Davies of Hereford, the King of Denmark & Shakespeare’s Meeting of Kings: Praise Beyond Praise’ 73
Marc Harshman Recoveries 83
Stone 84
Graham Harthill for Anne 85
Migrating Bones 86
Rosie Jackson Mary Shelley, Hyde Park, 1850 90
John Donne Arriving in Heaven 91
Jeremy Hooker ‘“Vaughan Variations”: Anne Cluysenaar in conversation with Henry Vaughan’ 92
Oliver Marlow Would you grasp a nettle? 110
School Chapel 111
Inside a church 112
Caroline Natzler I Saw 114
Into Life 115
As If 116
Doiran Williams Spring Cleaning 117
Howard Wright Garden Furniture 118
Hearth and Home 120
Jeremy Young Narcissus 121
Alan Rudrum Peter Thomas: A Remembrance 122
Contributors 126


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