Scintilla 23

Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 5
Peter Pike ‘Rending the veil of the usual’: grace conveyed through the ‘slightest things’ in the poetry of Henry Vaughan 9
Frances-Anne King Balnakeil 32
Charles Wilkinson ‘brumeux’ 33
Bruce Mcrae The Hive’s Heart 34
Peter Limbrick Poet 35
It was a short meeting 36
Thor Bacon Isölte & Tristan 37
John Welch Gardening 38
Someone 40
Edmund Matyjaszek A Crocus Field 41
Carol Barbour Althernal Walk 42
Linda Black Rails of dresses 43
Patrick Bond The Bone Room 44
Shanta Acharya Snowy Egret 45
In Silence 46
Noel Canin Memories and Ashes 48
Clare Crossman The Territory of Water 49
Tony Brown ‘Sharing in the building’: The Creative Relationship of R.S. Thomas and Elsi Eldridge 51
Claire Crowther The Physics of Coincidence 86
Confusional in a Gothic Church 87
Neil Curry Sinai 88
Sam Davidson Möbius 89
Holly Day Escalation 90
Marek Urbanowicz Lake Semerwater 91
Anna Flemming Not a mountain 93
Robin Ford What You Don’t See When You Look At Me 94
Brigid Sivill Rishi Valley 96
Christopher Meredith Sound of leaves not falling 97
Upstairs 98
Roger Garfitt The Assyrian Moth 100
Sam Garvan Tumulus 102
Davide Trame What the Thunders Say 103
The Sacred 104
Tom Gouthwaite A Wish Unmeasured 105
Zac’s Oak 107
Holly Faith Nelson Transatlantic Vaughan: The Afterlife of the Silurist in Early American Periodicals 108
Martin Hayden A Journey to Make, Sometime 132
Martin Bennett Alrewas Return 134
Trent-Mersey Canal 135
Michael Henry Pyromania 136
Sunny Sands Tribute 137
Ric Hool Enlightenment 138
Halfway to Everything 139
Sarah Lindon East 140
Like Day and Night, Emerge and Hide 142
Sean Mcdowell Photogram 144
Three Lost Objects Found 148
Nicholas Mcgaughey The Ring 149
William Virgil Davies For Marie Curie on her 150th Birthday 150
Widow 151
Claire Scott Foundering 152
Paul Matthews World Rose 153
Winter Traces 154
Nicholas Murray Parbold 155
Europe 156
A Short History of Ethics 158
Andrew Neilson The Week’s Remains 159
Susan Skinner December Night at the Stable 161
On a Beach 162
Jeremy Hooker Under the Quarry Woods: journal into prose poetry 163
Jill Townsend Waiting for Results 183
Recovering 184
Robert Nisbet The Archaeologists 185
Ann Piling After the Funeral 187
Mark Harschman Mariners 188
Martin Potter Walking the Old Beat 189
Contemplate the Floor 190
Ranajit Sarkar The Bran-Tub 191
Thomas R. Smith The Library of Heaven 192
Palm Sunday 193
Alex Barr Iain 194
Kenneth Steven Finally 196
At Pluscarden Abbey 197
Beatrice Teissier Jacques at the Solstice 198
Cremation Day 199
Signal 200
Hubert Moore Back-licking 201
Denni Turp System Incompatibility 202
Christine Valters Painter Beloved 203
Donald R. Dickson Henry Vaughan, Scholarly Editor 204
Mike Jenkins Back With the Smoke 246
Dominic Weston Ghost of a flea 247
It’s just You and Me Now 249
Isabel Bermudez Winter Vines 251
Margaret Wilmot Chandeliers 252
Seasonal Variation on a Railway Platform 254
Chris Dodd The Field 255
Sam Adams from ‘Notes of an Interview with Michel Eyquem, Seigneur De Montaine’ 256
Jonathan Wooding from ‘Force’ 257
K.E. Duffin Visitation at Newport 258
Rosie Jackson Resurrection 259
After the Door has Opened 260
Frank Dullaghan Skull 262
Kevin Cahill Lao Tzu has a Go 263
Patrick Deeley Dream of a Fallen Beast 264
Rigour 266
Miles Parker Luggala* 1982 268
B.J. Buckley Music for the Third Ear 269
Linda Saunders My Mother Being Very Deaf 271
Philip West Review: The Works of Henry Vaughan 273
Contributors to this Issue 281


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