Scintilla 6


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Glyn Pursglove Henry Vaughan and the Glance of Love: Thoughts on ‘The Favour 7
D.S. Hall Tu mults of Forgetting 21
Jean Earle Shadows 22
Hubert Moore The Screech 23
Neil Curry Tidelines (Holy Island) 24
Sebastian Barker Holy The Heart On Which We Hang Our Hope 29
Michael Srigley Thomas Vaughan, the Hartlib Circle and the Rosicrucians 31
Third Scintilla Open Poetry Competition 55
Short Poems – Adjudication by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams 57
    James Lawless The Miracle of the Rain (1st Prize) 59
    Pat Earnshaw Red Planet (2nd Prize) 61
    Jacqueline Karp Mallemaroking (3rd Prize) 62
    From Commended:
    Bruce Bamber Revolving Doors 64
    David Butler Lines written at the onset of Winter 65
    E. J. Maryjaszek Eel Brook Common -Spring 67
    Angela Morton The Knot Garden 69
    Jocelyn Simms Masquerade 71
Long Poems – Adjudication by Anne Cluysenaar 74
    Colin Moss Seed Of Time (1st Prize) 75
    Par Earnshaw Toad (2nd Prize) 83
    Ruth Bidgood Riding the Flood (3rd Prize) 86
    Joseph Clancy Bone Hunter 90
    John Freeman A Suite For Summer 93
    Martin Schmandt Heart’s Desire 99
    Margaret Wilmot In Memoriam Paul Forster, 1902-1991 103
    Dilys Wood August 2nd 106
Alex Cadogan Vaughan and the Mundus lmaginalis 110
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams Actaeon 122
John Welch St Aignan 124
I Is 124
Window 125
Rose Flint Promethea 126
David Annwn Confluences 128
Peter G ruffydd Talking to Crowfoot 132
John Barnie At Llanwenarth 134
Jonathan Nauman F. E. Hutchinson, Louise Guiney, and Henry Vaughan 135
Alicia Stubbersfield My Grandmother’s House 148
Caroline Price Mother and Child 150
Roller Blader 151
Paul Murphy Necropolis 152
Paul Davidson Herne Bay 153
Stuart Flynn Necromancy 155
Phil Maillard Frog 156
Roland Mathias A New Language, A New Tradition 161
Matthew Fluharty The Interview 183
Kate Foley Cracks in the Pavement 184
Gary Allen The Workhouse 187
Looking for Landmarks 188
The Brick Factory 189
Anna Adams Memorials 2 – Sailing By 190
Liam Aspin Fetish 192
Kim Taplin How shall I get a wreath … ?: Some implications of Vaughan’s question for contemporary poetry 194
Kim Taplin Goodfellow 205
John Jones is this what you want! 210
sedimentar y – my dear homes 212
Ian Caws Movement from a Fixed Point 214
Myra Schneider Climbing 215
To ny Connor Guida Farm in January 217


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