Scintilla 20

Table of Contents


Author Title #
 Preface 7
Jonathan Nauman Varying Arrangements: Observations on Some Copies of Henry Vaughan’s Silex Scintillans (1655) 9
Elizabeth Rapp Elijah 19
Fiona Owen Ting 20
Charles Wilkinson Tracking Westwards 21
Stones in the Bowman’s Dreams 23
Hunter 24
Reaping 24
Jock Stein On a Retreat at Beech Hill 25
John Freeman Country Dancing 26
Hilary Davies Sebastian Barker: The Spiritual Journey of a Poet in the Modern World 27
Helen Moore First Contact 49
Mother Tongue 51
Alex Barr Light and Dark 52
German Girl in Old Castile 53
Thomas R. Smith At Trinity College 54
Jonathan Wooding Silent School 55
Søren Kierkegaard’s Garden 57
Lesley Saunders Sappho on Inishbofin 59
Elizabeth S. Dodd The Spirit of the Religious Lyric: Towards Further Conversations between Literature and Theology 66
Margaret Wilmot Like wax melting 79
Romney Marsh 80
Ferry Quay 81
Rose Flint Storm in May, Crete 82
Stevie Krayer This thing 83
Garden of Remembrance 84
Nicholas Murray A Green Thought 85
Sweetness 86
Showings 87
White Gloves 88
Victoria Field Cevennes 89
Ritual 90
Jeremy Hooker Revisiting ‘God’s Houses’ 91
Helen Overell Empty your heart and pour out all created things 104
Jill Townsend Crossing Over 105
John Welch In Folly’s Shade 106
Kay Cotton A postcard from Honfleur 110
Miles Parker North-East 111
Tony Brown Prey and Other Poems: Some Late Unpublished Manuscripts by R.S. Thomas 112
Graham Hartill Further to the World 132
Turns 134
Alan Vaughan Williams Change 137
Mandy Pannett An Accidental Shattering 139
Maria Apichella Praise 140
Patrick Bond January Mordant 141
W. Richard Bowen Interim Reports of the Inaccessible: The Quest for Meaning in the Poetry of John Ormond 142
Philip Gross Auditorium 161
Danseuse Cambodgienne 164
Ear Candle 165
Thor Bacon Ode to the Conductor 167
Chris Preddle Mag Brook 1 168
Mag Brook 2 170
David Hart It is not customary 171
Greg Miller The Burning Bush Triptych (1476) 172
Contributors 174

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