Scintilla 21

Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 9
Rowen Williams Reflections on The Vaughan Brothers: Poetry meets Metaphysics 11
John Freeman Being There 22
Ricky Ray Haunting for Good 24
Cristopher Meredith Fumitory 25
Village Birds 26
Ghost 29
Eithne Lannon Pulse 30
Thin Pulse 31
Carol DeVaughn Evening 32
Sunrise 33
Midnight 34
Robert Wilcher Henry Vaughan’s Art Poetica 35
Rosie Jackson Interrupted 53
Rabia and the Thief 54
Charles Wilkinson Forme 55
Alan Payne Moving the Lawn 56
Hurricanoes 57
John Haynes A Watching Still Awhile 58
And then your Secondary School Ring Binder 59
Susan Wallace Timber 60
Sean H. McDowell Henry Vaughan’s Welsh Bird 61
Paul Matthews For Now 83
Here Now 84
This Moment 85
Hearts are Trumps 86
From Left to Right 87
James Peake The Hum 88
The Luxury Apartment 88
The Would-be Venue 89
The Club 90
The Tunnel 91
The Open Window 92
Patrick Deeley The Ash Pit 93
Anthony of the Dessert 95
T. Rex Skull, Ulster Museum 96
Michael Durrant ‘Who hears or reads of That, shall publish Thee‘: Print, Transmission, and the King’s Book 97
Pete Mullineaux Small Hungers 121
Rose Flint from Lunar Station: Icy Salty Cocktail in a Thin Stemmed Glass 122
K.V. Skene SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder 124
K.F. Duffin Mrs. Reed 125
Late Cicada 126
Chris Preddle The Grey Heron 127
Jacqueline on the Hill 128
W.D. Jackson As You Like It – Rosalind 129
The Tempest – Miranda 130
Jonathan Nauman From Letter to Spirit: Henry Vaughan’s Herbertian Poetic 131
Maria Apichella An Epilectic Entering Chartres Cathedral 142
Star-lit 143
Nicholas Murray Diptych 144
The Empty Book 145
Roger Garfitt After the Great Storm 146
Alyson Hallett The Last Time 148
Matthew Barton Walking the Frome 149
Philip Gross Spiegel im Spiegel 151
Jeremy Hooker David Jones, Metaphysical Poet 158
Laura Potts Jarrow Doll 173
Jonathan Wooding maker 174
Daleth/Adhaesit pavimento 175
Waw/Et veniat super me 176
Teth/Bonitatem fecisti 177
Yodh/Manus tuae feverunt me 178
Beatrice Tessier New Life 179
Copper loch 180
Paul Connolly Dead Dog 181
John Barnie House Party 183
Miriam Craig Jackdaws, the Lake District 184
Sarah Hutton Review of Thomas Traherne and Seventeenth-Century Thought 185
Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise Review of Henry Vaughan and the Usk Valley 187
Sean H. McDowell Review of Returning to Donne 189
Contributors 192

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