Scintilla 10


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 7
John Powell Ward Traherne’s Cosmic Consciousness 9
B. J. Buckley Parallel Universe 22
Glenda Beagan Time’s Egg 24
Brighid 25
Alison Brackenbury In Orbit 27
On the visit 28
Peter Gruffydd Mixing Colours 29
Seamus Heaney Moyulla 31
Jeremy Hooker Reflections on ‘ground’ 34
Graham Hartill Bronze Fennel 42
Linda Black Who is to say? 43
Jane Routh The Path to the Helleborine 45
John Killick The Big House 47
John Barnie Between the Town and Llanwenarth 49
The Deri in August 49
Anne Cluysenaar Now 50
Clare Crossman Sunflowers 52
Hubert Moore Watering 53
Glyn Pursglove Storms rurn to music 54
Mary Michaels Fresco 77
Mimi Khalvati On Lines from Fahmida Riaz and Foroogh Farrokhzad 78
Ghazal (of ghazals) 79
On a Line from Sappho 80
Kate Foley To Dream of Animals 81
Myra Schneider Repair: Writing, Poetry and Therapy 82
Kim Taplin Not a Breath 97
“We Are Made To Lov” 99
Penelope Shuttle Shawl of Dew 100
Fatherghost 101
Pat Earnshaw Fugitive Art 102
Fiona Owen Why I write 104
Lotte Kramer The Ampersand 106
John Welch When in Rome 107
Open Poetry Competition
Adjudications 118
Short Poems
Pat Borthwick Past Twelve O’clock 125
Kate Foley Throwing Up The Baby 127
Lauraine Palmeri The Story of Hen-body and the Secret Self of Egg 128
Short Poems – Commended
Linda Black See a Penny 130
Daphne Gloag Adam Delving 132
Mary MacRae The Clearing 133
M. C. Newton A window in our new house ovedooks the sea 135
Dilys Wood In Northamptonshire, I Arn 137
Long Poems
Stephen Parr Visiting the Etruscan Tombs at Volterra 138
Sean Street The Broadcast 144
Elizabeth Burns Interiors (after Gwen John) 148
Long Poems – Commended
Heather Coffey Votive 151
Rose Flint The City of Cherished Words 154
Giles Goodland Myths of the Origin of Language 157
Amanda Parkin Skin 159
John Hines Aire disguis’d’: Metaphors of Genre and Henry Vaughan’s Sacred Hymns 164
Ruth Bidgood Renegade 183
Gary AJlen Equinox 186
Jacqueline Karp Caged in 188
Lynne Wycherley The Westray Angel 190
Jane Routh The River Pilot’s Wife 192
Mercer Simpson The Island of Fishermen 193
Jonathan Nauman & Peter Thomas Sir Charles Egerton of Newborough 196
Mary MacRae Stone Lanterns 209
As dew 210
Neil Curry Beneath the Wave Off Kanagawa 211
Anne Ryland Seal Song 213
Rose Flint Creative Writing for J. 214
Ann Phillips Life Mask 215
Jeremy Hilton A Long Darkness 217
Tony Connor Phillips Table Model V 219
Brian Walsham See 221
Holly Faith Nelson Make all things new! And without end! : The Eschatological Vision of Henry Vaughan 222



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