Scintilla 8


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 7
Alan Rudrum Narrative, Typology and Politics in Henry Vaughan’s ‘Isaac’s Marriage’ 9
Chris Torrance PATH/Finder 19
Edwina Trentham Calling My Father By Name 22
Angela Morton Traces 23
William Oxley Memory, Snowflakes 25
Dilys Wood Singularity 27
Clare Crossman Writing Back 28
Viki Holmes The Visitor 30
Pat Earnshaw Everyone a Stranger 32
Richard George Reliving the Calendar 33
Lynne Wycherley Fragments of Iraqi Calligraphy 34
Merryn Williams After Mandelstam 35
Fiona Owen This Even Frailer Flesh 37
Tony Connor Hay making 53
Jay Ramsay The Boreen 55
Phil Maillard The Press of Silence. A Walk to Patricio 57
Christine McNeil] Expedition 67
Kim Taplin A Road ro Dover 69
Jeremy Hooker From ‘Upstate: a North American Journal’ 77
Rowan Williams Invocation: a sculpture for winter 86
Jeremy Hooker Towards Elsinore 87
John Welch Turning 92
Daybreak 92
Family 93
Greagir O Duill Tideline 94
Graham Hartill Winged Heads 95
Ruth Bidgood Patricio 2001 99
Pattern 99
Lucy Calcott Maundy Thursday 101
Michael Srigley Flowers in Rich Fields: The Poetry of Thomas Vaughan’s Pamphlets 103
Open Poetry Competition
Adjudications 124
Short Poems
    James Harpur The Monastic Star Timetable (1st Prize) 129
    Jemma Borg The Pond (2nd Prize) 131
    Brett Van Toen Bullfrogs (3rd Prize) 132
Short Poems – Commended
    Helen Burke The Lace-worker of Ghent 133
    Rose Flint Grace 134
    Mary MacRae Flycatcher 135
    John Weston To Alaska and Back 136
    Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch Lipstick 137
Long Poems
    Alyson Hallett The Storm Trilogy (1st Prize) 140
    Myra Schneider Orpheus in the Underground (2nd Prize) 146
    M. C. Newton Beliefs Broad and Narrow (3rd Prize) 155
Long Poems – Commended
    James Harpur Joseph of Arimathea 160
    Greg Hill Myddleton’s River 166
    Mary MacRae Shades of Grey 170
    Philip Rush How to Listen to Classical Music 172
    Maria Jastrzebska Carrying Her 174
Glyn Pursglove Taught him at the well: reflections on ‘Isaac’s Marriage’ 178
Gary Allen New Year 191
Simon Pettifar To the Clerk of the Meeting when the Sufis Came to Speak to Us 192
Laughing Poem 192
Incense 193
Mercer Simpson At Malmesbury Abbey 194
Daphne Gloag Turning a Square intO an Octagon 195
Kate Foley Wellington Boots 197
Bill Shepherd Genesis 199
John Powell Ward The Last Green Year 201



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