Scintilla 11


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Jeremy Hooker Metaphysical Presence 9
Bruce James Fierce Weight 26
Christine Evans First day 27
Making Hay 28
Cave-swinging 29
Pat Earnshaw Cutting the Grass 30
Nicholas Jagger Phoenix 31
Cult 32
Jay Ramsay A Dream for Easter 33
Janice Fixter One Hundred and Eight Beads 34
Alison Brackenbury The Shaker chair 35
Mimi Khalvati The Middle Tone 36
Soapstone Retreat 36
Jill Eulalie Dawson In the Library 37
Bill Shepherd Bronze on Blue 38
Alan Rudrum Not destroyed but hidden: Paradise Lost, Edenic consciousness and British Radicalism 40
Damian Walford Davies Ideal City 48
Myra Schneider Journey 51
Lance Lee Nocturne, London, First Frost 53
Mary MacRae At the Party 54
Phil Maillard Esther 56
Fergus Chadwick Hospital Visitor 58
Martyn Crucefix Caldey lighthouse 60
Anne Cluysennar, Graham Hartill and Form and Spirituality: Connections and Contrasts in Poetic Practice 63
Open Poetry Competition
Adjudications 86
Short Poems
Sue Maclnryre Deep Forest 91
Marion Tracy Shooting Star 93
Heather Coffey Pilgrim 94
Short Poems – Commended
Hubert Moore The burnt tree 96
Victoria Pugh Lord God 97
Angela Rigby Feline Art 98
Andrew Rudd On the A488 100
Dilys Wood Honor Oak Garden of Remembrance 101
Long Poems
Ruth Bidgood Time Being 104
DilysWood Apsley Cherry-Garrard Addresses The Royal Geographical Society 108
Fiona Owen August Caterpillar 113
Long Poems – Commended
John Freeman Apollonian Spring 116
John Godfrey Beautiful Contraptions 119
Rowenna Hulton Discovered through Bronze 122
Jacqueline Karp Found in Tr anslation 126
John Killick Karelian Lyrics 130
Allan and Helen Wilcox Matter and Spirit Conjoined: Sacred Places in the Poetry of George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, R S Thomas and Rowan Williams 133
Wendy Mulford Alltud 153
Mike Jenkins Climbing-Tree 162
Our Garden 162
Daphne Rock East Coast: Dunwich Heath with Sizewell in sight 163
Ian Caws Horses 164
Frances Sackett The Asphalt Road 166
Lynne Wycherley The Apple-Tree, Woolthorpe 167
M Wynn Thomas Fidelities where beams together run’: Vernon Watkins and Henry Vaughan 169
Kenneth Steven The Strangest Gift 185
Ted Walter Event Horizons 186
John Powell Ward To The Outer 188
Mercer Simpson The Uncompleted Voyage 189
Christine McNeill A Cup of Milk 190



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