Scintilla 22

Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 9
Jonathan F.S. Post Walking with Vaughan in Silex Scintillans 11
Frances-Anne King Nautilus 30
Howard Wright Clocks 32
Marc Harshman Glebe Wall, Oxfordshire 33
Paul Connolly Struldbrugs 37
London Baptism 39
Lawrence Sail Sea Pictures 40
Margaret Wilmot Here on earth 42
Thomas R. Smith Dartmoor Morning 44
John Barnie Nature Study 46
Sunglasses 47
Jonathan Nauman ‘The Philosopher’s Vision: Experiencing the Consolatio Philosophiae in Silex Scintillans and Thalia Rediviva’ 48
Neil Curry Of The Puritan Dead 64
Mike Jenkins Another Country 67
Shapes in Bronze 68
Paul Murphy Berlin 69
Somma Vesuviana 71
S.A. Leavesley A Countryside Town 72
The Lamp Post 74
Grevel Lindhop In Arcadia 75
Snails 76
The Allgreave Menhir 77
Emma Lee Stitching America 78
Bruce McRae The Day That Was Night 79
Elizabeth Siberry Henry Vaughan Remembered: some further reflections from nineteenth-century Wales 80
Pete Limbrick Wavicle 96
Rose Flint September Tenancies at Witham 97
Lake Lillies 99
Eve Jackson Swan Feathers 100
Seán Street The Stone Bird 101
Caroline Natzler Pre-history 102
Helen Moore Seed Yoga Sutra 103
Michael Henry Petrichor 105
Lesley Saunders Showing, Not Telling 107
Chris Preddle Perspective 108
Roland and Aude 109
Sarah Lindon Icework 110
There is Nothing Automatic 111
Sean H. McDowell The Sonnet Made New in George Herbert’s ‘The Temple’ 112
Ric Hool Things You Learn in Scouts 131
Prue Chamberlayne A Different Anchoring of Love 132
B.J. Buckley Along Goose Creek 133
Equinox 135
William Virgil Davis Hopper’s “Automat” 136
Poem Beginning with a Sentence from Stevens 137
Pamela Coren Pressure 138
Alison Brackenbury The Third 139
After The Rain 140
Graham Hartill Crusader 141
Charles Wilkinson Pocket of Loss 142
Josephine Scott The End of the Season 143
Vicki Kay Brilliana Harley: Civil War Woman 144
Chris Hall no ifs 155
Tom Gouthwaite Cedar 159
Thor Bacon Robert Capa’s Leica 160
Oliver Comins Sunflowers at Night 161
Oliver Mort Boat in Belfast 162
Kay Syrad Chagall Window 163
Miriam Craig Sunset 164
Hubert Moore At the feeding-station 165
Rosie Jackson An Anchorite Laments the Destruction of Her Cell, 1537 166
Mai Matsumoto Magnetic Power in Henry Vaughan’s Poetry 167
Christopher Norris Missing Hues 188
Roselle Angwin Before the World Turned Again 190
Rooks 191
Jonathan Wooding Podcast 192
Linda Saunders Quahog 193
Patricia McCarthy Discovery 194
Andrew Neilson Review of A Thickness of Particulars: The Poetry of Anthony Hech  by Jonathan F.S. Post (Oxford University Press) 195
Contributors 197

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