Scintilla 12


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Fiona Owen Through the Gate: a Poetics of Engagement 9
Ru th Bidgood Ice 23
The Well 23
Zenobia Venner Still 25
Prue Chamberlayne Postonja 26
Linda Saunders Woodcock 27
Anne Cluysenaar Ba ru-Angas 29
Philip Gross The Presence 32
Glyn Pu rsglove Not with leaf only, but with some fruit also 34
Open Poetry Competition
Adjudication 56
Short Poems
Chris Preddle Cattle Console Him 63
Pat Borthwick In Praise of the Oologists’ Art 65
Susan Wallace The Last Station Srop 67
Short Poems – Commended
Heather Coffey Flood 68
Kare Foley Green Woman 70
Sue MacIntyre Tree House 71
Susan Anne Moore Dead Stag on Burgh 72
Robert Sea tter 21 Ways of Starting a New Life 73
Long Poems
Myra Schneider Drought 76
Margaret Wilmot November Journal 81
Christine McNeill Martha’s reverie 85
Long Poems – Commended
Heather Coffey Near Kingsbridge 88
Daphne Gloag The Paths of Light 90
Anne Ryland On the Stairs 95
Dilys Wood Lament Based on a Corona of Sonnets 101
Lynne Wycherley Towards Eden 104
Alan Rudrum Bringing Peace Back to Life: The Anglican Irenicism of Lancelot Andrewes, Henry Vaughan and Rowan Williams 111
Sebastian Barker Red Kite Against a Dark Blue Sky: On the Aesthetic of Art in the Theology of Rowan Williams 121
Kim Taplin Wake-up Call 131
Brenda Lealman So Close 132
Roger Waterfield Growth 133
Lotte Kramer Rain 134
Ruth Valentine The Government Scientist Deciphers the Clay Tablets 135
Paul Matthews Watching the Puls 138
Peter Gilmour Alone 139
Robert Wilcher Henry Vaughan, Jeremy Taylor, Edward Sparke, and the Preservation of the Anglican Communion 141
John Powell Ward Still 160
Meredith Andrea The Rea Book 161
Jill Eulalie Dawson The Fragrance of Dead Bracken 163
Paul Groves Now 164
Jacqueline Sousa One of Her Last Sundays 165
Pippa Little R iddling 166
Judy Gahagan Libellules 167
William Oxley The Dance of Detail 169
John Killick Essence of Essences: Poetry and Dementia 171
Norman Schwenk Waiting 181
Ian Parks The Vicinity 182
Davide Trame The Stare 183
Gary Allen Festival of Neptune 184
Purgatory 185
Zeeba Ansari Renaissance Painter 186
Sheela-na-gig 187
Angela Morton The High Wire 188
Donald Allchin The Many-Sided Traherne 192
Jeremy Hooker Four for Grandchildren 203
Neil Curry To: Robert Sutton, Worcester Cathedral 205
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams An Eye Test 209


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