Scintilla 7


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 7
Rowan Williams Has Secularism Failed’: Notes on the Survival of the Spirit 9
E. J. Matyjaszek A View from Lublin 21
Mario Petrucci Pyre-Watchers 23
Tony Connor Drawing A War Plane 25
Lucy Calcorc The Dark Mad Voice 27
Dannie Abse Ants 29
Graham Hartill Llancillin 30
John Welch Being Creative 35
Lynne Wycherley The Writing Room 40
The Miracle of the Clay Birds 41
Ali Glenny Josefa Paints an Onion 42
Zoe Brigley Canopy 44
Brian Walsham Bird-fancier 45
Phil Poole Autumn 47
Larry Burler Bay Window 48
Phil Maillard Dysphasia 49
Michael Srigley Once 51
Myra Schneider A Deep but Dazzling Darkness: Writing Poetry in Extremity 53 53
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams The Badge 62
Myra Schneider Moth 64
Greve! Lindop The Wineglass 66
Lance Lee Haunting 67
Gary Allen Walls 69
DilysWood John Heath-Stubbs Reading at the Troubadour 70
John Powell Ward Darkness and Light: Poetry, Religion and the Environment 73
Caroline Price Hawkmoth larva surprised in August 87
Anna Adams Arrival of the Swifts 89
Rose Flint Above Saint Cybi’s Well 91
Anne Cluysenaar This Much 93
Elsewhere 94
Strange 95
Together 96
Alyson Hallett Dropped, like a stitch 97
Holly Faith Nelson Gender and Politics in the Writings of Henry Vaughan 99
Richard Burns Wayside Shrine 116
On the Death of Kate Landers 120
Ian Caws Rose 122
Paul Groves Phantom Faces in the Floor of a House at Belmez 124
Malanie Challenge Teeth 126
Maggie Butt Fathering 127
Shanta Acharya Midnight Stroll 128
Donald R. Dickson The Identity of Rebecca Archer Vaughan 129
Open Poetry Competition 143-183
    Adjudications 146
Short Poems
    Pamela Vincent Losing It (1st Prize) 150
    Liz Cashdan Red (2nd Prize) 151
    Juanita Bateman Missing (3rd Prize) 152
Short Poems – Commended
    Pat Earnshaw Darken Our Lightness 154
    Clive Eastwood To Do With Moving On 155
    Fiona Owen Walk 157
    Lynne Rees Snap 158
    Anna Wigley After Snow 159
Longer Poems
    John Freeman Tabula Rasa (1st Prize) 162
    Mary MacRae A sort of homecoming (2nd Prize) 166
    Carol Hughes The Floe Edge (3rd Prize) 171
Longer Poems – Commended
    Roy Ashwell A Series 176
    Liz Cashdan One Way or Another 178
    Lucy Hamilton Being with Annette 181
Helen Wilcox Scribling under so faire a Coppy: the presence of Herbert in the poetry of Vaughan’s contemporaries 185
D.S. Hall The Unrepeatable Assembly 201



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