Scintilla 13


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Roger Hubank Trying to be Haunted’: Nature and Spirit in the later poetry of Denise Levertov 9
Myra Schneider Sutton Hoo 33
James Aitchison To Be A Pilgrim 38
Tony Connor In My Own Company 39
Comfortable Cardigan 39
Anna Adams It 40
John Powell Ward Spirituality and Doctrine 42
John Powell Ward Acceptable 55
Gary Allen The Cinder Patch 56
Rowenna Hulton Ball-flower, Worcester Cathedral 57
Alison Brackenbury The Shed 58
First Thing 59
Sally Carr Clearing Nettles 60
Spadework 61
Anne Cluysenaar Green Man 62
Remembering a Memory of Snow 63
Christine McNeil! Composing 64
Joseph Sterrett Such a Peace: Answered Prayer in Shakespeare’s ‘Late Plays” 65
Mary MacRae Blue Material 84
In the Wood 85
Inside the Brightness of Red 86
Hillary Llewellyn-Williams The Way to the Well 88
Comfort in Blackthorn 89
Clare Crossman Rocks, Stones, Water and the Rowan 91
Hubert Moore Ar Staplehurst 93
Jeremy Hooker For Roland Mathias: Tribute and Apology 95
Open Poetry Competition
Short Poems
Sue MacIntyre Ice Sculpture 109
Liz Cashdan Epithalamion June 21st 2008 110
Russell Jones Ness 111
Short Poems – Commended
Pat Earnshaw We All Fall Down 112
Roger Elkin Delivering 114
Edmund Matyjaszek The Tr ees at Shalfleet 116
Mandy Pannett Memorial Chairs in the Wetlands 117
Ted Walter Fluff 119
Long Poems
Gabriel Griffin Winter Afternoon on Mottarone 121
Dilys Wood The Salt Smell of Light 125
Elizabeth Burns Moon Over Catterline 131
Long Poems – Commended
Rosi Beech The Monastery Garden 134
Liz Cashdan Land of Lost Content 142
Roger Elkin Birthday Gift 146
David Grubb The Saint Francis Poems 151
Clare Holtham The Simorgh 155
Jonathan Nauman Nieremberg’s Patience of the Saints: Experiencing Flores Solitudinis in Silex Scintillans 160
Carole Coates Writers’ Rooms 175
Strange Meeting 176
Norman Schwenk Fennel 177
Garden 177
Ruth Bidgood An Encounter 179
Homecoming 180
Ann Quid A Little Whimsy 181
Jill Eulalie Dawson Where She Leads Me 182
Kate Foley Green Woman 183
Graham Parry Vaughan and Laudianism 185
Neil Curry To: Mrs Anna Maria Smart, c/o The Reading Mercury, Reading, Berkshire 197
Elizabeth Cook The Tent 199
Angela Morton When Language Pales to Dust 200
Snow Falling on this House of Glass 201
Rose Flint Reciprocal 202
Graham Hartill Little Haven 203
Colin Moss The Gates of Wonder in Childhood and the Future 206
Kenneth Steven Lenin I Punishment 221
John Daniel Frog 222
Elizabeth Barrett Hem I Lighteater 223
Fiona Owen Summer Grasses 224
Paul Matthews Rain at Midnight 229


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